Southern California Transit Advocates


Southern California Transit Advocates was created to discuss issues, disseminate information, advocate, support and encourage all measures and policies deemed necessary for the creation of a truly adequate transit system chiefly throughout the five county Los Angeles metropolitan region.

Our goal is to pursue and achieve results through advocacy, policy analysis, outreach and education:

Public Affairs Advocacy and Policy Analysis
We interface with the public, transit agencies and other government agencies in the pursuit of better public transit. In addition, we conduct policy analysis on a planning issue or political, environmental or social issues related to public transportation, focusing on southern California concerns with particular emphasis to Los Angeles County and adjacent regions.
We also involve ourselves in the public process around the restructuring of transit services and other service improvements with necessary actions such as activism, comments at public hearings and before transit agency boards, position papers and knowledgeable speakers at our meetings.

Outreach and Education
We outreach to other community groups and provide education to the general public on the use and benefits of public transit. Involvement with the business community as well as environmental and social justice groups is also part of our outreach program.

Coalition-building among other community groups is vital to our visibility as an organization that not only supports transit riders but also non-riders and other civic members, seeking to make a livable community through better transportation options.

Publications and Media Relations
Position papers and other recommendations are made available online and/or via publication for general or professional use and civic benefit promoting public transportation. We contribute opinion articles and letters to the editor to the major newspapers in the region. Our newsletter, the Transit Advocate, is our primary platform in which our transit advocacy efforts are reported.

Our website is an educational tool for transit advocacy in the region and status of our latest activities or upcoming events.