Southern California Transit Advocates


The Transit Advocate

The Transit Advocate is the official newsletter of Southern California Transit Advocates. Copies of the newsletter are sent to all members in good standing, as well as to various transit and governmental agencies in Southern California plus key California legislative committee staffers.

Reference copies are available at the Metro Library and the UCLA University Research Library.

The online versions of the Transit Advocate are in Adobe (PDF) format, and do not include the covers or the meeting calendar (except in some early issues where the calendar took up only a portion of one page).

All issues contain the following ongoing features:

Public & Legislative Affairs Report (November 1995-present)
(at various times, also called the “PLAC Report” and the “Public Affairs Report”)
Metro Board Report (February 2009-November 2010)
Transit Updates*
Bulletin Board
(called “From The Editor” until December 1995)
Members In Action (August 2000-present)
Route of the Month (March 1995-August 1999)
(was replaced by “Transit Center of the Month” during 1996)
Transit Trivia (April 1995-February 2003)
Orange County Committee Report (March 2001-July 2003)

Any additional articles in an issue are listed next to the month.

Note: Prior to mid-2006, So.CA.TA referred to its study tours as “excursions” or simply “trips”; for sake of consistency, the article index lists all of the reports of same as “Study Tours”.