Southern California Transit Advocates

Transit Advocate 2000-2009


January: Metrolink Leases Cars, Proposed Metro Service Changes for June, Transit Travel Essay

February: First Car Travels On Gold Line Extension, Planning a Trip at the Drop of a Schedule (Part 1), Big Blue Bus Changes, Inauguration Transit Facts

March: Metro’s New CEO, Planning a Trip at the Drop of a Schedule (Part 2), A Blast From the Past

April: Norwalk Transit Proposed Changes, MTS Opens New Transit Station, APTA Reports High Ridership in

May: Bob Burrowes Obituary, Rio Hondo College’s “Go Rio” Program Wins National Award, LAUPT Turns 70!

June: Ralph Clark Obituary

July: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 1), Court Rejects State Raids on Transit Funding, History of a Newsletter

August: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 2), Recent Legislation, City of Downey Transit Fair

September: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 3), FirstGroup Brings Greyhound to the United Kingdom

October: Buses With Backpacks, APTA News

November: Eastside Gold Line Extension, Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour Itinerary

December: Candidate Statements



March: So.CA.TA Reform Proposal


May: MTA 577X Follow-Up Ride

June: So.CA.TA at National Train Day, Streetcar Workshop, Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 1), Gas Tax Holiday

July: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour (Part 2)

August: Public Works Shuttles Study Tour

September: OC Flyer Study Tour, Book Review: “Transit Maps Of The World”

October: Foothill 480 & Silver Streak Study Tour


December: Candidate Statements

January: By-Laws Revisions, MTA Service Change Proposals

February: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour

March: By-Laws Revisions

April: Gimme Shelter

May: Subway Scouting Study Tour, Zine Plugs

June: MTA Fares Increase

July: Orange County Measure M

August: How Fast Can a Train Go?

September: A Great Loop Trip


November: 1907 Beverly Hills Ad

December: MTA Regional Connector & Eastside Extension Scoping Sessions, Candidate Statements

January: Action Alerts, Sector Reports

February: South Whittier Shuttle

March: MTA Sector Meeting Reports

April: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour

May: MTA Sector Reports, Stop Right There

June: Fullerton Senior Center Report, The X-Trip Files, Reader Comment

July: MTA Sector Reports, Pacific Railroad Society Museum

August: 2006 Holiday Banquet

September: LAX-Valley Owl Tour

October: Bus Terminal Reroute at Fullerton Transportation Center?

November: Santa Clarita Study Tour

December: So.CA.TA Candidate Statements, Fullerton Transportation Center Bus Terminal Relocation, The World Of Subway



March: Federal Transportation Funding, Summer Owl Study Tour

April: Foothill Transit Study Tour, Orange Line Construction, sbX Leadership Conference

May: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour



August: San Diego Gets More Buses & Trains, Santa Ana Terminal Closing, New MTS Trolley

September: MTA Sector Reports


November: Sector Reports, Parking Not Validated, Orange Line Sneak Peek

December: ATSAC Tour, Contract Lines Study Tour


February: Orange County News

March: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour

April: Metro Connections

May: Metrolink Fare Restructuring

June: Weymouth Corners


August: Compton/Carson Study Tour, Los Robles Avenue

September: What Transit Did For Our Summer Vacation, Transit Funding Shortfall

October: Rail-Volution 2004, Omnitrans Citylink

November: Member Forum, Pass Transit System


January: Owl Study Tour

February: OCTA Owl Study Tour

March: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour

April: Southern California Compass, Safety For Park Place Transit Users

May: Riverside Commuter Express, Omnitrans Short Range Transit Plan


July: Gold Line Preview Ride

August: First Ride Gold Line, San Pedro Red Cars, Long Beach AquaLink


October: Laguna Beach Study Tour

November: OCTA Owl Study Tour, Public Transportation Policy


January: AB 1348

February: Santa Monica-Orange County Adventure (Part 1), Stop Announcements – Courtesy Or Requirement?, Baxter Ward 1919-2002

March: Santa Monica-Orange County Adventure (Part 2), Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour, Amtrak’s Dukakis Addresses RailPAC, Arizona Trip Report

April: Orange County Study Tour, Hidden Fishbowls Of Perris, Transportation Exhibit At CSUN, NARP Asks Help To Save Trains, Special Late-Breaking News From April 1st

May: Fullerton Rail Days Booth

June: Letter To So.CA.TA, High Speed Rail, Riverside Transit Agency

July: Santa Monica Transit Mall, Downey Transit Center, Amtrak Comments, Wilshire Blvd. Rail

August: MTA Sectors, Federal Reauthorization Action Alert, NCTD Study Tour

September: PCH Study Tour, EZ Pass and Rail2Rail

October: 10 Years of Metrolink/The Next 10 Years

November: New FRA Compliant DMU, OCTA/MTA Passes


January: SunLink

February: AAA Symposium

March: Cal Poly Pomona, Inland Empire Study Tour, OCTA Centerline Meeting, West San Gabriel Valley

April: Metrolink Marathon

May: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour

June: Ventura County Update, Fullerton Railroad Days

July: New MTA CEO, Updates (Southbay/Long Beach, San Fernando Valley/North County, San Gabriel Valley/Inland Empire), Please Close the Window, Transit & Energy

August: Highway 66 Study Tour

September: Blue Line Hearing

October: Point/Counterpoint On the Consent Decree

November: CEO Salaries, Transit and Terrorism, Dorothy Peyton Grey (MTA Librarian) 1943-2001

December: National Park Shuttle, Owl Study Tour

January: New RTA Fares, Line 646 Study Tour, From the President, Pat Moser (So.CA.TA Founder) 1938-1999, View From the Back Of the Bus

February: Alternative Corridor Studies, OCTA Restructuring, Santa Monica Restructuring, SCAT Restructuring, Wilshire Chamber Of Commerce Transportation Meeting

March: Day After Thanksgiving Study Tour, San Jacinto Metrolink


May: So.CA.TA In Sacramento, Election 2000 & Transit (Part 1), Amtrak Pacific Surfliner

June: Red Line Sneak Peek

July: North Hollywood Station Booth Report, Rapid Bus

August: DNC Transit Updates, Blue Line 10th Anniversary

September: Election 2000 & Transit (Part 2), Aqua Line

October: Election 2000 & Transit (Part 3), Transit Conference


December: Election 2000 & Transit (Part 4), Pomona Metrolink Update